Why Islamophobia Is The Wrong Term To Use

Why Islamophobia Is The Wrong Term To Use

Islamophobia is a commonly used phrase to shut down those who criticise Islam and muslims. The simple definition as provided by Google is “the dislike of or prejudice against Islam or muslims”.

Now to start with why it is unhelpful as a term. Firstly it has become a very charged word in the same respect as homophobia, racism, and bigotry. This means that anyone using those phrases automatically frames a debate and turns an audience against the accused just by simply hearing that word.

The reason I find this worrying is that if someone is being homophobic, they are being discriminatory towards someone who has no choice over their sexuality. If someone is transphobic, they are discriminating towards someone who has no choice about their gender identity. If they are being racists towards a certain race, they are discriminating towards someone who has no choice over their race or ethnic group.

However with islamophobia, this is not the same. Islam like Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism etc is a religion. It is a choice of beliefs. Ones sincerely held and many are completely devoted to, but a set of beliefs all the same. That means that they are chosen. And they can be changed. For example, I was once a devout catholic and over time I have become an anti-theist (an atheist who even if God did exist, would not follow him).

I make this distinction because Islam is a belief system and muslims are not a race and to say so if actually in a way a form of racism because it creates a stereotype that muslims are only brought from one particular ethnic or racial group, which is false. Like Christianity and other religions, muslims can be arabs, indians, africans, Chinese, Japanese, whites, blacks and whatever race that person is from when they are either born into or convert to the religion.

I accept that because of this stereotype of middle eastern or arabic personas of muslims, they have faced racial discrimination and negative portrayals in the media and elsewhere. However those individuals or groups perpetrating that discrimination are racists. The reason I find the term islamophobia unhelpful is that it lumps people in with those racists who are not in the slightest racist.

I will criticise Islam in the same way a criticise all religions because of how they discriminate against LGBT people, women, how they try to shut down all criticism of their religion and beliefs and how they believe that they have the one true answer to life.

Islamophobia shuts down any criticism or even debate about the religion because it is seen as a taboo subject that will have you called a bigot and a racists, which is not good for a liberal democracy at all.

And what makes this worse is that the shouts of islamophobia usually come from those who are meant to stand up for liberal values. The regressive left stand against free speech and debate about religion and Islam in particular by casually throwing the “islamophobia” charge at anyone who dares criticise Islam or even a small group of muslims who are committing violent acts. .

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  1. Islam is different. The number 1 objective of Islam is found in the daily repetitive prayer of Islam and in the Quran.
    “No other God but Allah and no other religions but Islam.”
    Islam is not inclusive, but is called to violence and forcing submission. This is the root of violence. Islam is different.

    1. And yet I notice that you are a follower of the man who said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me.”

      This line alone spoken by Jesus has inspired forced conversions, the spilling of blood of those who do not wish to follow the belief of any certain christian denominations. Do not condemn Islam for wishing to be the central religion when your own religion makes the same claim and has committed just as much violence in the past. I stand against both faiths for the violence and bigotry they have caused across the globe.

        1. All religions are inherently violent because they all believe their beliefs are the true belief. Besides this being authoritarian in thought, it comes out also in action as we have seen throughout history and are currently seeing with ISIS. You say it is a violation of christian beliefs, however Jesus introduced the idea of hell and that those who do not believe in the Christian God will burn in the fires of hell and when when Jesus returns, he will bathe the earth in flames to rid it of non-believers… now I hate to point out the violence in these declarations by the apparent messiah but these are his apparent claims. Therefore Christianity is a religion of violence as is Islam and the majority of other religions.

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