Why I think We Will Win!

Why I think We Will Win!

After the massacres in Paris, we have seen many different responses and I find myself disagreeing with some and despising others for their ignorant and appealing nature. However there are those that gladden my heart and do restore my faith that there is some good in this world.

The reaction that caused bile to rise in my throat was how millions of desperate refugees, fleeing the very violence of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, were being blamed for the atrocities carried out by ISIS on Paris’ streets. It’s idiotic to imagine that millions of refugees are to blame for the massacres carried out by this death cult and it awards ISIS a victory by persecuting and rejecting these people. They need our support. They need our love. They need us to welcome them.

The other reaction was an initial one and I will be honest, I was conflicted because of my original interpretation of it. #PreyforParis trended number 1 on Twitter. I was hesitant at first for the simple reason that I don’t believe in prayers in the religious sense. But ever since I first saw that hashtag I thought about it a lot. I eventually came to an amazing conclusion that rekindled a real love for humanity in a time of horrific inhumanity.

If you strip away the religious connotations, that simple hashtag, that message translate into the people of the world caring, thinking and hoping that the residents of Paris, the city of love and light are safe and strong. It was an act of humanity that is very much needed in a time where we are extremely cynical about any real sign of solidarity and care.

The reaction that I truly fell in love with is this idea that democracy, culture and civilisation will win this battle against this fascist death cult and its broken, backwards, bigoted, hate worshipping ideology that has nothing to offer the world but blood, death and decay.

Many have pointed to the great cultural achievements of France and there are many. You can note the many cultural achievements across Europe, in America, China, Africa and around the rest of the World. In Britain we have Shakespeare, the Magna Carta, Wordsworth, Orwell, Wilberforce and many many more.

We are a nation that stands for Democracy, freedom, the rule of law, equality before the law, tolerance, welcoming those who are need of aid and defending those who are unable to help themselves.

In this I am not speaking for our government because what politicians do and what the people believe are at times very far apart. But the people and our history and culture has seen us stand against racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry, political oppression, fascism and Stalinism. And we, like the French, can continue to do that because we have great figures in our culture and history that we can take inspiration from.

This is why we will win.

Not because we have better spies or surveillance, but because we have a society, history and culture worth fighting for. Democracies are the longest lasting societies because they have far more to offer people than tyranny and health worshippers ever could.



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