When To Ignore Anxiety And Self-Doubt

When To Ignore Anxiety And Self-Doubt

The other day I wrote about how the World owes you nothing. That only you can change your life. No one else can do it for you and nothing should get in your way. Except when you suffer from depression and anxiety, there is something standing in your way: Yourself. It is literally a fight inside your mind between the You who knows what you can do and the other You who is telling you that you will fail so why even bother to start. The question is when to ignore the anxiety and self-doubt.

In the past three weeks, I have decided to make a big change to my professional and personal life and have been thinking about it constantly. I know I have the capacity to do it and achieve it, but my brain is also constantly fighting me. It is telling me not to bother and to just carry on as I am doing because that is all I deserve. It is a constant battle and it is tiring. But I know that I can win. I can beat myself.

I decided that either way, I am making a change and I have two options in case either one fails. I am changing my life. The main thing standing in my way is completing the first tasks. Why? Because they require me to think very hard about the projects I am currently working on and describe why they matter and why I matter. And with a mind filled with depressing, anxious thoughts, it is proving more difficult.

But as I said before that only I can make the change and that requires me to ignore the thoughts in my head and to focus. For I have been through this before. In fact, I go through this process every time I wish to try something new. My anxiety kicks in and beats me down. Hard. And yet I have always made it through and I will this time. The truth is that I now know so many people who suffer from depression and anxiety and appear to give in to it. They appear to give up the fight. Now I don’t know what is going on in their minds. But I refuse to let those things win in my head. But in all honesty, that may be down to my best friend. We both suffer from depression and anxiety and we always have, but again neither of us actually realised the extent until recently. And I can solemnly say that we have never given up on what we have strived for. If we have wanted to do something or to change our lives, we have done it and eventually achieved it.

Final thing. I am still in my 20’s and that is the time to develop myself. My best friend also understands that. Being in your 20’s is the prime time to make the necessary development and changes to ensure you have a strong life for the future. It is also the hardest period I have had to cope with after my coming out period, but it is also rather satisfying in many respects. This is why I must ignore the self-doubt and anxious thoughts constantly clouding my head because otherwise, I am totally giving up on my life. I will use this time I have over the next 6 years to improve myself and that continues with my current ambition.

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