There Is No Such Thing As Destiny

There Is No Such Thing As Destiny

Destiny does not exist. Things do not happen for a reason. Fate is not real. Things happen in life through two things: Choice and coincidence. If you leave your life up to fate or because you believe it happens for a reason, then you are leaving your future in the hands of coincidence and consequence. Our lives… our legacies are decided by our choices and nothing else.

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Where responsibility lies

The true reason why I hate hearing “things happen for a reason” is that it takes all responsibility away from you. If you are a believer that things happen for reasons beyond your control, then you relinquish control and therefore relinquish the responsibility for the consequences, whether they be good or bad. The same is said for those who believe in destiny or fate or a preordained future. You choose to believe that whatever happens in your life is beyond your power or control. It is a coward’s choice.

Let me put it to you another way… things will happen in your life that are beyond your control like not being hired or your partner breaking up with you and so on. Bad things will happen to you and they will be beyond your control. That does not mean that have happened for a reason that you cannot see. They have happened because another human has made a decision that does not benefit you. Your chosen response to that situation does not happen for a reason beyond you choosing it. If you choose to go dating after you are finished and you eventually several months down the line you find someone you truly fall in love with and who makes you extremely happy, that has nothing to do with anything other than you chose to recover from the pain of the last break up and chose to put yourself out there to find this new person.

There is no predestined path that you are set on. You are not destined to be with anyone. You are not fated to meet that person at that time. The only thing that happens is in that situation set up by coincidence, you chose to act in a certain way that was entirely down to you. There is no god to choose for you.

The truth about our lives is that we write our own endings. Our legacies are decided by our own choices. Our happiness is decided by how we react to situations and how we deal with the actions of others. We all most take responsibility for our own actions and not sacrifice them to the idea that they are already predestines or that some other power has a reason for it. Everything we choose to do is down to us and nothing else. And that is a good thing. Write your own journey and write your own ending.

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  1. This is only one side of the argument. Jesus said of his apostles, “You did not choose me, I chose you.” The Jews/Hebrews were chosen by God as his people when he selected Abraham to be the father of nations. Then they were chosen/fated to reject Jesus as their messiah. Christians are addressed as the chosen several times in the letters by Apostle Paul. The Psalm says, “You saw me before I was born; each day was written in your book.” The conclusion is that since predestination and free will both exist in the Bible, God did not make any one sided coins. Hence, we cannot conclude which is more truthful…only that whichever you believe must be the will of some Higher Power than the Bible. We have no free will so some must believe in free will…, ergo theofatalism.

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