The Liberal Democrats have F****D Up again

The Liberal Democrats have F****D Up again

The Liberal Democrats have announced they will revoke Article 50 if they achieve a majority in an election and form a government. They will cancel Brexit. My party will cancel Brexit without another referendum. They will nullify the last referendum.

They clearly hope they can rally the remain vote to achieve this aim. But it instinctually feels wrong. The problem is that the remain vote that likely wants to simply revoke Article 50 isn’t enough to win an election.

Politicians like to talk in anecdotes and make sweeping statements about the population. So I might as well too. The public opinion in this country doesn’t feel much different to how it did in 2016. Everyone I know who voted remain would do so again. Everyone who voted leave would do so again.

In fact, a large number of remainers I know believe that we should honour the referendum and leave the European Union if only to prove to those who voted leave what a catastrophic choice they made (not like anyone ever said remainers were smug…).

The issue is…

The problem with the Liberal Democrats’ new position on Brexit is that it is a two-finger salute to the public. It proves the idea that politicians given a chance will tell you to fuck off and will do their own thing without a care about what you might think.

I say again, this is my party. It has liberal and democrat in the fucking name. It is meant to stand for the individual and give the individual a choice in setting their own path. But this change in policy doesn’t match that.

They have done what they always do when they get a little bit popular. They go for the big win and they fuck it up. It is the Student Loan fiasco on repeat, except this time the consequences of the fuck up could be even more severe.

No Deal is dangerous. Revoking Article 50 is moronic

Boris Johnson is dangerous. No Deal is dangerous. That isn’t even arguable by sensible folk. Brexit won the referendum, but No Deal Brexit did not and was a small minority of the Leave vote. That minority view can be defeated in a 2nd Referendum!

The Lib Dems need to stick to a People’s Vote policy regardless of whether they win a General Election or not. Except for this time, you widen the referendum question to include: Remain, May’s Withdrawal Agreement, No Deal or Renegotiate (and then you have a second vote on what sort of Renegotiation we want to aim for).

You don’t just reverse everything and return to the status quo that clearly was not supported by 17.4 million people in the UK. You may not like their decision but you have to understand and accept their viewpoint. That is where the Brexiteers and May went wrong because they ignored the other 48% and look how fucked we all are now.


This ploy shows that my party is not ready for government. Instead of crafting a vision for the Referendum or developing a potential Liberal vision for a Post-Brexit Britain, they will simply return to Britain within the EU.

It would be far more inspirational and vote worthy if they at least focused some of their energies in thinking about that liberal vision of a Post-Brexit scenario to show that whilst they wish to remain, they are prepared for leave. Because the likelihood is still that Britain will leave the EU.

And as for lies…

Last thing, if you believe that if we do hold a 2nd Referendum and that Vote Leave will just lie again, I would like to. remind you that the Remain side made some pretty ridiculous claims too.

The Prime Minister claimed that if Britain left the EU, then we would have World War 3…

Maybe both sides could do with raising their game a little bit and not jump to extremes to win this battle over Brexit.

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