Religion Is A Plague

This week we have seen another terrorist attack committed in the name of religion, specifically Islam. In recent months we have seen other terrorist attacks in the name of Islam by ISIS. In the USA, we have seen bombings and attacks on abortion clinics in the name of Christianity. Murder in the name of religion is still very common today as it has always been. And yet many still believe it is a good idea to believe in a supernatural, imaginary friend.

In America, you can see a Republican Party enslaved to the Christian Right who wish to basically discriminate against gays, refuse women their choice of what to do with their bodies and to almost start a cold holy war with Islam. In 13 Islamic countries, homosexuality is a crime and in some cases like Saudi Arabia, it is punishable by death. This is the same in many Christian country such as Uganda and many other nations.

Noticeable where religion has such a strangle hold on government and societal consciousness, then LGBT, women and certain minorities are discriminated against because the all loving imaginary friends commands it (because he is so friendly).

In Europe, where secular, liberal democracies are mostly the norm, these issues are not the case because religion is not a commanding presence and where it is in for example Russia with the Orthodox Church, that country is going backwards with its ridiculous gay propaganda law.

Religion is a poison on the mindset of humanity and it should be resisted for the protection of women and other minorities like LGBT people.

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  1. Interesting commentary. I’ve only read two postings: “Religion is a Plague” and “Atheists & Anti-Theist – What Is The Difference?” but I bet the rest of your material on this site is equally intriguing.
    I’ve thought of myself as anti-theist, though, if the subject comes up, I just say I’m a-theistic. I know no evidence is recorded disproving gods, but because of my experiences in life and what I’ve studied about astronomy and history, I’m convinced that no supernatural being exists.
    I have an open mind to accept evidence of a supernatural being, provided any would be presented. It would have to be pretty extraordinary to convince me though. Evidence that can be tested and retested, and pass all falsifiable scrutiny.
    The main reason I don’t tell anyone I’m antitheistic is that I haven’t actively challenged theists about their beliefs. Over the past ten years, since I admitted to myself about my beliefs, I’ve kept pretty silent about it, except for telling a few open-minded friends. My community and my family are pretty devout ‘chwistchens,’ and I would endure judgement and shunning if I were express my beliefs and non-beliefs to most people.
    If I had more self confidence/courage, I envision myself debating and challenging theists whenever the opportunity arose. I’d like to plant seeds that would get people to think, and maybe provide the spark to start some ‘victims’ on the road to reason.
    I think of religion or the belief in supernatural beings as a mild psychosis, since ‘victims’ are living in a realm that’s outside of reality. I think that’s one reason why ‘victims’ fight a long road to recovery.
    If you find any of my comments useful, feel free to utilize the ideas in your material.
    Keep up the good work.

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