My Perfect Day

My perfect day is a simple day. It will be in the same room. The room I’ve dreamed about. With its minimalist grey walls, hard, oak stained wooden floors, fluffy grey rug covering a huge square space. There is a glass coffee table in the centre of the room surrounded by a huge L-shaped sofa and another suite of a three-person sofa and two armchairs, all in cream with an array of cushions.

I sat on the rug, leaning back against the sofa with my laptop on my lap, surrounded by my scatter scribbles and notes. Writing is my life and my perfect day will always include it. My lover lies on the sofa behind me, reading and working, whilst stroking the back of my neck and hair. We’ve commandeered the large L-shaped sofa. I love being with him.

But whilst writing and him make my day amazing, what makes it truly perfect is the others. Having my chosen family there. In the dream of my perfect day, I have my three closest friends relaxing on the suite opposite us. Throughout the day, we all just relax in the room, watching the sun rise and set across the glass wall looking out on a clear, cold lake surrounding by a thick forest of evergreen.

Throughout that day, we would all eat, laugh, chat, debate, watch TV, play games, sit in silence, read, work and write. Nothing, in particular, just spending the day in each other’s company. The five of us. Me, Matt, Michael, Tom and Amelia. That’s all I need for a perfect day. Well, that and pizza.

The homework task

The idea of the perfect day came through my counselling course as homework. I’d skirted around the idea of my perfect day for years. In the past, I’ve thought about where my favourite place to spend my time would be, what would my perfect writing zone look like, what I’d like my home to look like and who I enjoy spending my days with.

When it comes to thinking of my perfect day, all of it came together in my mind almost immediately. It developed in stages. The first stage was the room. That came from a dream I had a month ago. When I woke from the dream, I knew I wanted that place to be my home.

The second stage was that I instinctually knew my perfect day would involve me writing. It’s my all-consuming obsession. I don’t want to write. I need to write. My mind is filled with thoughts that demand to be spilt onto the page.

Then stage three was all about the folks. No day for me would be perfect without those folks who mean the most to me: my lover and my best friends. I even knew exactly where each of us would be sitting in the room. I knew I’d take the floor and my lover would be behind me on the sofa, whilst my best folks were across from us.

Some people believe perfect days involve doing grand activities, but to me, my perfect day has never been about that. It is about fulfilling the obsession that I love surrounded by the folks who make my life worth living. Simply enjoy each other’s company.

That is my perfect day. What is yours?

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