My Month of Mindfulness

In January, a friend of mine bought me a gift. A Jar of Mindfulness.

The jar came from developed by Sharon Jeffreys. Sharon is a commissioner of mental health and has developed this jar and other products to help folks with their mental health and general wellbeing. Mindfulness is proven to be one way of coping with mental health issues, and I aim to see how it helps my anxiety. If it works for me, it could work for any of you too.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of awareness. It is not magical, mystical or a cure of any sort. It teaches you to experience every moment rather than have them pass you by. Instead of worrying about the past or the future, you live in the present.

Whilst it may sound simple enough, it has had a profound effect on millions of people’s lives for the better. Through the smallest of actions consistently repeated, your outlook on the world could be transformed.

None of this will change overnight, which is why many see Mindfulness as a form of meditation. It takes years of practice to master.

However, it isn’t easy. Every day we are bombarded with thoughts, feelings and everything else life hurls our way. We are always encouraged to find something new to strive towards and forced to dwell on the mistakes of our past.

Mindful March

Today’s task is titled: Mindful Breathing. The task is to focus entirely on my breathing for just a single minute. I must take a breath slowly in through my nose and out through my mouth. It must be slow, no rushing. Each cycle of breath should take around 6 seconds.

It allows me to relax. To remove all other thoughts whether they be good or worrisome. Instead, I must focus entirely on my breathing. Simply remaining still. Become attuned to the rhythm of my body. And repeat five times throughout the day.

Wish me luck. By the end, I could be thinking very differently and then maybe I can help you all do the same.



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