Let Us Talk About Pens

I love pens. I always have. Not awfully cheap plastic pens that end up costing more because you have to continually replace them. No, I love nice pens. Specifically, Parker Pens. I’ve had this obsession with them for years.

I currently own seven Parker pens. The newest one I received for Christmas from my sister. I knew I was getting it, but still, when I opened the present I felt a serious wave of excitement hit me. I couldn’t stop grinning for like a good half an hour. I went round showing everyone my gorgeous new pen.

I’ll be honest I’m 23, but I recalled the excitement of my childhood when I used to open presents. As you get older, the magic of christmas dims when you see all the behind the scenes deals that go on so that everyone gets what they want. Not like Santa coming to visit with all his reindeer. But opening that present and seeing that pen, I felt the joy of christmas again.

I believe this obsession of pens comes from the writer within me. It is often combined with my second love for notebooks, especially leather notebooks because it reminds me of old journals you see either in great fantasy films or those journals used by historic explorers and adventurers to mark down their findings and tell their stories.

When I went to university to study Creative Writing, I was told by one of my lecturers (and I to this day, cannot remember whether it was in jest or seriousness) that every writer should have a beautiful notebook and an excellent pen that fits them. A writer’s instrument is the key to unlocking his soul and therefore his potential.

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