Let Us Just Talk…

Let Us Just Talk…

First I wish to apologise for my absence. I would say it has been down to writer’s block, but it has been more down to writer’s indecision. I have not been able to decide on what topic to write about next, but also I have had this issue of busyness.

It has reached that time of year when everything gets very hectic. Christmas presents need buying and for needs completing before we all go away for a holiday break.

It is the work aspect that has defeated my blogging in recent weeks. Because of the nature of my job as an SEO executive, I have to deal with long technical jobs, specifically the migration of websites from a development stage to a live stage. I won;tore you with details, but with issue after issue on three different websites going through migration, it delivers a heavy drain on your brain.

This means that when I return home and look at my computer, the last thing I feel like doing is writing a blog post. It is terrible I know and I will work passed it once my work load calms down.

However in the mean time, it has meant that my fitness has improved because instead of staring at my computer in the evenings, I have been fencing (fighting and coaching) three times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday nights and going to the gym with my best friend (who has also become my personal trainer) to get into a far better shape than what I was in recently.

But I do promise that I will return soon with real genuine blog posts, rather than this woeful apology.

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