Let Us Discuss Bisexuality

Bisexuality is the attraction to both sexes. This should be a very simple concept to understand, however it is constantly mixed up with the fact that Gay men and Lesbians go through stages of denial when coming out.

On many many occasions, gays and lesbians who are still coming out, but still partially in denial about themselves, make claims that they are bisexual and that they still find both sexes attractive. I myself did it. I came out and said I was bisexual because whilst I fell in love with men, I claimed to still find women attractive. I was so in denial that I convinced myself it was true. This happens all the time and it has a serious impact on genuine bisexuals.

When I first came out, my first genuine boyfriend told me that bisexuality didn’t exist and that it was a stepping stone towards admitting I was gay. This prophecy may have appeared to come true when I did finally admit I was truly gay and not bisexual. However the truth is more complicated than that. I was never bisexual. I as gay, but in denial. I just stole the label of bisexual to suit the position I was in at the time of my slow coming out. This then causes a stigma to develop that bisexuals are not a real thing and are either just questioning their sexuality or aren’t admitting they are homosexuals.

The truth is:

Bisexuals are real. I have met many wonderful people who are attracted to both sexes and are completely genuine about it. These people deserve respect just like everyone else does. It does not need gays and lesbians claiming that bisexuality does not exist just because some of us like me, stole their identities to make our comings out  a little bit easier. It is us who should stand by our genuine bisexual brothers and sisters because it is us who are creating this stigma towards them. It is us who are causing people to believe that bisexuality is not real and it is us who must help reject that idea completely.

Also I don’t understand why people say that bisexuals are greedy… I will be honest I think this spawns from jealousy. Bisexuals do get the best of both worlds in that they have the largest variety. I believe that the abuse this group within the apparent LGBT community gets stems mostly from jealousy and fear. But this is not the way it should be. We need to be more supportive and if you do hear someone say that bisexuals do not exist or that they are greedy… tell them to either explain themselves or to shut the fuck up (always ask to explain their reasons first).

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