Let People Live How They Want To Live

I recently started a new job as a writer for a new car website called Carheads.co.uk. I’ll be honest I love this job because I get to write about something that I love and have an interest in – Cars & driving.

Now I wrote an article for that website about the most dangerous motorsports in the World that including the Dakar Rally and Formula 1 and 24 Hours of Le Man and while I was writing it, I recalled something I had seen in a video by Bill Maher.

I have seen it time and time again. People wish to ban things that they believe are bad for other people even though it has no effect on their lives what so ever. It is usually some kind of contact or extreme sport. MMA and Boxing are prime example of sports that are regularly targeting for banning. They are referred to as barbaric and violent and critics point to the many deaths and injuries that come with these sports. Motorsport is another example. The crashes and accidents that cause the deaths and injuries of competitors and spectators always leads to the calling of a sport to be banned.

Except what these critics seem to miss is that no one forces these people to race in motorsport (this is not Death Race), or box or fight or any other extreme sport that has a high risk of injury or death. The people who compete and take part do so because they love it. It gives them a buzz, an adrenaline kick and a feeling of joy and that is their purpose in life. That is their choice.

And there it is – Choice. This word seems to be losing its importance in a current society. Choices that we make don;t seem to be valid unless they are a certain kind of choice. There are people and groups who are obsessed with banning things because they don’t value the choices of other people and only appear to care about their opinions, their desires and their choices. Everyone can just suck it up and accept what they want.

It will be a sad day and a depressing society the day we let others take our right to choice away from us. Racing drivers want to race and yes there is a risk, but they have chosen that and they love it. And that goes for everything else in life. If it does not harm others who have not chosen to put themselves at risk in someway then leave people to live their lives how they want to.

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