Let Me Tell You About Me

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen.

Today I wish to tell you about myself.

First and foremost I am a writer. I have been since I was very young, maybe nine or ten. My mind is continuously filled with ideas that I need to write down. I have a terrific urge to create stories from words that make up the World’s greatest language.

I’m also gay. Now this should be about as important as being straight is to the majority of people. But it is not, so I have to defend it and myself because it is apart of me.

I am an atheist. This, I will admit, came through the realisation of my sexuality and therefore my realisation that not only do the majority of religions around the World despise and condemn me, but that their gods do also. So I reject them all. Even if the existence of these gods could be proves I would not under any circumstances bend the knee. I am not just an atheist.

I am a militant anti-theist. I reject completely the idea, the existence and rule of any supernatural power.

I am many things and through this blog you will see a glimpse of what I am.


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