I’m back

I’m back

So… its been a while hasn’t it?

Eight months without a single thing being published on this site. I have my reasons… not all of them positive or even justified, but they exist all the same.

But I apologise for my absence all the same.

So where have I been?

Eight months is a long time and much can happen. In fact, much has happened. I started my Level 3. Certificate in Counselling, which will be complete next month and hopefully, I will be moving onto my Level 4 Diploma in September.

I have learned much on the course. Not just about Counselling as you would expect, but also much more about myself. The course involves a lot of self-exploration and personal development, because only by helping and making yourself stronger can you help others do the same.

One of the core conditions of Counselling is to be empathetic. It is something I have always had, but not necessarily used to the full potential. I enjoy trying to understand people, what their motivations are and why they do what they do. I just haven’t always used it in the most effective or positive way.

However, after studying counselling and becoming more aware of the truly positive nature of empathy, I am cultivating the skill with further success. It is one of my main focuses right now.

I have learned more about myself in the last eight months, which I will likely share with you in the coming months.

The job front

2018 was a true kick in the teeth when it came to the job front. I lost two jobs in a year, knocking my down to the bottom of the ladder. It has been hard. The reasons for those loses are multi-faceted, but in the end, the responsibility will always lie with me. My inability to keep those jobs means I had lessons to learn and I had to learn them the hard way.

Now, I am building myself back up slowly. I could have easily given in… trust me… my mind wanted to. But I have never truly given up on anything that matters to me and I wasn’t about to start now. It was a serious set back, but failure is there to be overcome, not given into.

Just have to decide what and where I want to go in the coming years. But I am rushing no where. I’ve made that mistake once before.

The Future

…is exciting. But for now all I will say is…

I am back writing blogs!

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