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Why I Love & Will Miss Teen Wolf



I love Teen Wolf.

There are many preconceptions about what certain folk should and shouldn’t watch on TV. Fuck em. If you or I like a tv show about hot, shirtless guys transforming into werewolves and fight various mythological creatures, then I will. I enjoy seeing those firm, muscular bodies on my screen. So much so that I convinced my best friend and boyfriend to get hooked on it too.

All three of us enjoy Teen Wolf and here are my reasons.

It may surprise some of you that the hot bodies are rather far down my list. I love and will miss Teen Wolf now it is over because in many respects, despite its mythical, modern horror setting, it represents reality well.

Let me explain.

One of my life’s philosophies is friendship. I rarely obsess over romance or family, but the portrayal of friendship on screen and page. It is partly the reason why whilst I enjoyed the Hunger Games series; I didn’t fully connect with it and its characters because of that fucking idiotic love triangle that was included.It is why I love the friendship between Harry and Hermione and how it never strays of plutonic.

“Scott, you’re my brother”

So in Teen Wolf, I’m obsessed over the bond that is central to the entire series. The brotherhood between Scott and Stiles. The werewolf and the human. Best friends from the start until the end.

There is a poignant scene in Season 3A that hit me deep in my core because it reminded me so much of my friendship with my best friend. Truth is I see much of my own bond in the brotherhood of Scott and Stiles. They joke, and they mess around and save the world, but also have sombre moments where you can tell their friendship runs deeper than any other relationship on the show.

I connect with Stiles on a deep level. The sarcasm, anxiety, intelligence and smartass aspects are all ones that I share. My best friend is very much like Scott. He will do anything for those he calls his friends, he never gives up and is both highly passionate and driven. Oh, and he’s obsessed with wolves and werewolves.

That friendship is what kept me hooked for all six seasons. If it were a show that consisted on only romances and didn’t have that friendship at its centre, I wouldn’t have bothered watching. Jeff Davies, the executive producer of the show, has said in interviews that the show is at its core about the friendship between Scott and Stiles and that to me is why I love it so much.

Regression to the Mean

The second aspect that drew me to Teen Wolf is a philosophical one. In season 3B, the character of Deaton introduced the concept of Regression to the Mean to Scott. Regression to the Mean means that life can’t be all good or all bad all the time and that eventually, everything comes back to the middle. It is an apt description for life.

That concept helped me realise that I control my life through my perception of events. If I see everything as all bad, the truth is it isn’t, and by finding the good, I can return to the middle.

The same goes for everything going well. If I perceive everything as good, then something isn’t right. Why may you ask?

Life is never all easy, and human perception is false on many different levels. If life is all good, then I am not progressing because I am not learning. Life without progression is ironically on many levels an unhappy life and therefore not a good life.

I embrace the Regression to the Mean just as Scott does. If you do the same, you will discover a sense of peace with life you never knew existed.

“If you are going through hell, keep going”

The third aspect is a return to Stiles. I mentioned above that I connected with him on a deeper level because of his friendship with Scott and how they will do anything for each other.

There is another reason, which is even closer to my core than that friendship. I love Stiles because he helped me recognise the anxiety that ravaged my mind.

Stiles behaves in many similar ways I have in the past. The constant worry. The scepticism about almost everything. The lack of trust towards most new folk in my life.

At the beginning of Season 5, there is a scene where Stiles is obsessing about ensuring the pack stays together when they all graduate high school and split for college. Interestingly, this is the same scene where Scott explains the concept of Regression to the Mean to Stiles.

Before I left for university seven years ago, at the age of eighteen, I obsessed over how I would maintain my friendships with my best friends, despite me moving away after we have barely been inseparable for years.

But like Stiles and Scott, no chance simply moving away would affect our friendship.

Accepting your differences

The final aspect I wish to speak of is how Teen Wolf represents the gay stories of several characters throughout its six seasons. They do this in a few different ways. Jeff Davis is gay, and he has a great collection of out gay, bisexual and lesbian characters. None of them seems to go through a coming out process and are very comfortable on their skin. Probably quite easy when you are super fast, powerful werewolf, but still. But it isn’t those I wish to focus on.

Instead, I wish to focus on identity. I just stated that none of them seems to have a coming out process regarding their sexuality. But in many respects, the hiding and eventual revealing of their supernatural nature mirror that of the coming out process.

Scott hides his werewolf nature from his mum for two seasons until he is outed in combat. She rejects him out of fear, confusion and misunderstanding (sound familiar?). She does eventually come to accept and support him.

Teen Wolf reinforced for me that despite the adversity you face in life, you can tell it to go fuck itself and discover your identity and beliefs and never stop fighting for them.

I will miss Scott the Alpha and his best friend Stiles and the rest of the pack. Teen Wolf will forever remain on my DVD shelf and in my core.

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