I Hate Those “Don’t Say This To Someone” Lists

I Hate Those “Don’t Say This To Someone” Lists

Right I am part of a minor that has in recent years achieved many great things for itself through the help of others because we have been able to change hearts and minds about what being LGBT is.

Now recently on Facebook I have been seeing these lists that go along the lines of “Don’t ask a gay person this” or “Things you need to stop saying to gay men”. I’m not joking I fucking hate these lists. And here is why.

I have read these lists and yes while they bring it some valid points they completely miss the point about why those questions get asked in the first place.

People are stupid. People are ignorant.

People want to learn.

When I came out, my friends while very supportive, didn’t understand what the fuck had just happened with me and they have lots of questions. Many of the questions I see if these fucking lists. And yes at time I sighed in exasperation, especially when they repeated a question I was sure I was answered.

But in the end I didn’t mind being asked these questions because I knew my friends and family just wanted to try and understand what I was going through and how any of this would affect my life.

So stop trying to stop people asking questions and starting conversations about anything because it is only through the sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience that we can change people’s minds, opinions and hearts. Yes, at times those conversations can be hard, but I find that usually the other person asking is simply trying to learn and support you, so help them learn and support them.

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