I Forgot It Was International Coming Out Day

It was International Coming Out Day on Wednesday and I forgot. For one reason or another, I’d assumed it was later in the month and hadn’t bothered to double check. It is the reason why there was no blog article posted or even prepared for the day itself.

I only realised because of social media and never had time during the day to rectify it because I worked during the day and attended a Mental Health Awareness course for Sport in the evening.

I was speaking to an asexual friend of mine and he also forgot it was coming out day, as did a lesbian friend of mine. We have all been out for many years now and it made me wonder that to those of us who have been out and comfortable with our sexuality and identity, is this day something we can move on from?

Leave International Coming Out Day to others?

In one respect, yes, we can move on from it. We’ve escaped our closet prisons that tortured us for years and we don’t particularly wish to ever want to imagine ourselves back there. we wish to focus on our futures, especially when developing our identities, falling in love and simply living our lives. International Coming Out Day serves as a reminder of the fight we had to escape and those painful days are now behind us.

Celebrate our freedom

Now, with that objection out of the way, allow me to focus on the positives surrounding International Coming Out Day and why we should all in some way support it,

First, whilst it is a reminder of our battles to escape the closet prison, it is also a day to celebrate our eventual freedom. The day to celebrate how we took control of our lives and identities and rejected the fear and hate that plagued us for those many years. We chose to forge our own paths by fighting and the war was hard, but the victory was worth it.

The second reason to support International Coming Out Day is to support those still trapped inside their closet prisons. We support them by proving through demonstration that no one regrets coming out, but that many of us regret not coming out sooner. Demonstrate that living the life of an LGBT person is full of truth, love and fun and worthy of living.

It isn’t about telling people they must come out on that specific day. It may sound like it, but it isn’t. I once received a text message telling me it was International Coming Out Day and today was the day to do it. It isn’t and fuck anyone who tells you it is. International Coming Out Day is a day to celebrate the fact that you will eventually come out rather than the target deadline. You must come out when you are ready and under your own volition.

So belated happy International Coming Out Day to all those out of their closet prisons and to those still looking for a chance to escape, know you have my love and support. I hope you all find the eventual pride in yourselves that you deserve.

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