Homosexuality Is A Sin

Homosexuality Is A Sin

Well actually it isn’t because sin does not exist to me. I don’t believe in sins because I do not believe in God therefore his rules do not apply to me. However to christians, there are such things as sins and that is another reason I dislike Christianity and other religions because they have rules that espouse judgement on others in the form of sins.

Now since becoming leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron has been asked on multiple occasions where he believes homosexuality is a sin. Mr Farron is a christian. The majority of christian denominations believe at least that the act of homosexuality is a sin even if the being homosexual is not.

However if you are a homosexual as I am then you will act like a homosexual or force yourself into a regressive state. Considering a regressive state is not helpful or healthy for you, you therefore have to act like a homosexual therefore in the christian view, you are sinning. Therefore if actions speak the loudest, any homosexual is therefore sinning. Meaning that in basic terms, homosexuality is a sin.

But back to the point of Tim Farron. There appears to be an obsession with discovering if he believes that homosexuality is a sin or not. To be honest, he probably does in a christian sense and I don’t really care because when it counts, he does the right thing.

As I have said I dislike organised religion and religious belief, however I defend people’s right to have those views as long as they keep them out of the public square when it comes to affecting how other people live. Tim Farron does not let his religious beliefs affect his political work.

Recently he was asked again by GQ is he thought homosexuality was a sin. He said: “I’m not a religious leader, I’m a political leader. I think that everybody is utterly equal. People should be free to love who they want and marry who they want.”

Now if that is truly the belief he holds and the belief he stands by and acts upon, it does not matter to me what he personally believes about homosexuality because it does not stand in the way of his liberal principle that everyone is equal.

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