Friendship Is The Greatest thing On Earth

Many people say that love is the greatest thing on Earth and what they mean by that is romantic love. The love between partners that can last decades. I disagree. Some may say I disagree because I have never truly felt it and that may be true. But I believe friendship is a far greater gift than that. I believe this because I have had some amazing friends over my life and in fact, I have three of the most amazing friends right now. I would never trade them in for any shot at romantic love. Here are a few reasons why I deem friendship so important.

A true friend is always there

A lover can leave you. Romantic love does not always last forever. I hear because say that if it ends, then the love was never there. That is wrong. I have been in love twice before and I can tell you that it was real both times and yes after a time that feeling fades. Not all loves last forever. This is not the films. Lovers will leave you and if you have true friends that you have kept close to you, then you will not be alone. They will help you recover from the pain you are undoubtedly struggling with. They will take you on walks or on drives or on nights out or they will simply sit with you and watch films and hug you when you cry and listen to you repeatedly. They will love you even if your lover no longer does.

A true friend will push you

A true friend will never let you sit idle when you have a potential to fulfill. We all have ambition and we have dreams. Our friends will push us constantly towards those dreams. If a friend lets you waste away what talent you have or lets you give up on that dream, then they are not the friends for you. My friends, maybe even without knowing it, have pushed me to where I am today and continue to support and push me with my future endeavors. Some romantic partners that I myself have witnessed have been fine with letting their partner waste away just so that they can keep them around more often than not. A friend should never do that.

A true friend will tell you when you are wrong

A true friend is not a sycophant. They will not just agree with your endlessly. If they do that, they are not your friend. A friend will tell you when you are wrong, even if that risks your anger. It is strange, but me and my best friends never argue in anger. We argue in debate certainly.But never in anger. Why? Because we understand that we can say and disagree with each other without getting angry. You should have that in your friendship. you need to have people tell you when you are wrong and also when you are right.

A true friend is and always will be your family

There is a saying that you cannot pick your family but you can pick your friends. It is true, but your friends, in the end, become your family. You become so close that they are closer to you than your actual family. They know everything about you. they know the good and the bad and they don’t care because they love you. Who could ask for more than that. Friends are family and if you have a friend like that, save that friendship until your dying day and never let it fall for any reason. No other friend should get in the way. Nothing should get in the way.

Keep them close to your heart and if you feel like they aren’t, then maybe consider that they are not a true friend after all.

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