Boris Johnson may have just secured re-election

Boris Johnson will be victorious in the next General Election. The Prime Minister who has lost every Common’s vote since taking the job. The man who is stripped of his executive power and his majority in Parliament has now been slapped down by the Supreme Court. That same man will win the election.


His opponents in their blind arrogance and sense of moral superiority have been playing to his tune the entire time. He put no deal on the table and they immediately and ferociously took it away. He calls for an election and the MPs, still terrified of no deal, refuse to grant him one. Then he prorogues Parliament and they claim tyranny!

Hypercole only works if you control the narrative otherwise you look desperate and weak. Opposition parties and remainers may control the legislature but they don’t control the narrative. Boris does. I suspect the public see things differently to how most MPs see it.

They see Prime Minister Boris Johnson trying to deliver Brexit earnestly after three years of dithering. They witness an elitist remainer Parliament trying to stop him delivering Brexit. The public perceive that MPs are trying to stop Brexit altogether either through a 2nd Referendum or simply by revoking Article 50.

See outside your Brexit bubble

Boris may appear incompetent and weak. People are calling for him to resign after the Supreme Court ruling. They don’t appear to understand the point of the theatrics. Boris doesn’t need to win over the judges or MPs or even the Media (which is split over him anyway).

He needs the public. Boris is an avid lover of Ancient Athens and Athenian Democracy, which focuses on getting direct consent from the people. He knows that people want a strong leader in these tumultuous times.

The UK public is increasingly disenchanted with MPs and government and ever more willing to welcome the idea of authoritarian leaders who would ignore parliament, a long-running survey of attitudes to politics has shown.

The Guardian –

No more dithering

After three years of dithering and division, the public wants Brexit ‘done’. They want the leadership to achieve it. Even if it looks more like action that achievement.

The Labour Party offers further dithering. The SNP wants independence from the UK and to join the European Union so further division. And the Liberal Democrats want to revoke Article 50 as a polite Fuck You to the voters.

Boris’ message is Brexit will get done under his watch if you give me the power and the authority to do it. That message is winning if you look at the polling. The opposition may be winning the battles but Boris may just win the war.

Please make me wrong!

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