Chapter 6: The First Time

The Journal – Chapter 6: The First Time

I remember the first time I sucked a dick. I was 14. Jacob and me had become close friends again since the start of year ten. It was November and the week before I’d joined Jacob and a small group of friends to go bowling. Somehow by the end of games, I had asked out a girl from our year, Josie and had my first girlfriend. Most of the group lived in the opposite direction to me, so I called my brother to pick me up from under the old railway bridge near to docklands. Most of the group left, while Josie, me, Jacob and Chloe (she fancied Jacob) remained. Josie and me shared our first kiss under that bridge, but what I remember was while she had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying it, my eyes were open and watching Jacob kiss Chloe. I didn’t know why at the time I preferred looking at Jacob rather than Josie…

            A week later, Josie, Jacob and the girl Jacob liked, Rachel was at my house. We’d been sat downstairs watching Disney films, Josie sat on my lap, while Rachel was between Jacob’s legs because he was on my laptop. Somehow (I genuinely cannot remember how) Jacob and me pretended that we had to go up to my room (I think it was the charge the computer or have a serious chat). We left the girls downstairs. I plugged in my laptop and slumped back in my chair.

            Jacob had unzipped his jeans and pulled his dick out and I followed suit. It was just meant to be a repeat of the year before. We were just meant to wank off in the same room except this time was different.

            ‘Do you fancy sucking it?’ Jacob asked me.

            I know, it sounds cliché, but that is what he said. I didn’t even think. I just took it in my mouth. It didn’t feel weird or wrong at the time. It felt natural to me. It felt right when Jacob pushed his hand through my hair.

            However, it didn’t last long. There was a loud knock on my door and I don’t think either of us had ever moved so fast. I leaped up from my chair and cross the room to the window to put myself away, while I heard the zip of Jacob’s jeans. Our girlfriends walked in and joked they thought we were wanking off together. We brushed them off as it being weird and they seemed to buy it.

            It wasn’t until after that I realised what I had done was wrong… the problem I had now was that I still wanted to carry on. And we did. Whenever Jacob came around, we would find excuses to slip out of the room and for me to suck him off. It was the third time we’d done it when we had enough time to actually finish and it was the first time I ever tasted cum. I liked it, which I know to some people it was weird, but it wasn’t to me. None of it was.

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