The Journal – Chapter 20: What Comes Next

My parents were fine with it. I say fine, they may not completely understand it, but they accept me for who I am. Dad once said he didn’t accept gays going to church because it went against the Church’s teachings. He seems to have no issue with it now. I guess that’s a positive change. It does seem to be an antithesis of views to be homosexual and to also be a church-attending Catholic.

            The Catholic Church has long been known for its opposition and downright oppression of LGBT communities. Pope Benedict said that homosexuality was a moral evil. That I am a moral evil for simply being what God created me to be. If I am gay, it is because God made me so. I have no choice in this matter. I believe the only way to change the view of the Church is to change the view of the followers. This starts with my family, but I won’t give up.

            Xander and Harris think I’m wrong. They don’t think the Church can change. Then again Harris is a pure blood New Atheist so he believes all religion is evil anyway. Xander is more on the side that he has received enough abuse from religious people and Christians, in particular to just ignore them and their way of life.

            I can’t though. It’s my way of life. My family have raised me to be a Catholic and I will fight for a more inclusive Church. I’ve already found a group that strives for the same aim. It’s called Quest and it accepts LGBT Catholics and strives to include them in the teachings of Christ.

            I have finally discovered the purpose behind my writing. The only way to change the Church for the better is not to attack from the outside, but to change hearts and minds from within so that we can all live under the commandments of Jesus Christ. He only had two. Love God with all your heart, soul and being. And to Love your neighbour as you yourself would want to be loved. For me, that means treating all people equally because how can you expect yourself to be treated that way if you do not do it for others. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

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