Chapter 11: First Time

The Journal – Chapter 11: First Time

The first time I did it, it hurt. A lot. It was New Years Day. The night before I’d been enjoying a party with my family and that day I’d woken up at midday. I called up Jacob, Josie, and Rachel and they all came around. We chilled out watching films and talked about school, gossiped about others we didn’t like and those we did like, and joked around with truth or dare.

It was late and we were hungry so I got up and went to put on a pizza (my lazy attempt because I couldn’t be bothered making real food). Dad asked me when my friends were leaving (He didn’t like them much, especially Jacob. It’s ironic thinking back on it) and I said they’d leave when I or they decided to. I went back upstairs and found Jacob in the bathroom. He was checking his hair in the mirror. I had to stop myself laughing at his vanity, not that I can say much now, but at fourteen it seemed funny. He spotted me and smiled mischievously. At the time I hadn’t considered what he was thinking because our girlfriends were literally down the way in my room (not that that had stopped us last time).

He unzipped his jeans and pulled his hardening dick out. I found myself on my knees immediately, giving him a blowjob with his hands in my hair. We didn’t stay there long. I realised we hadn’t closed the bathroom door and were very exposed and it would be strange for us both to walk out of the bathroom together if we were discovered. I stood up and ignored Jacob’s gutted look. I pushed his dick back in his pants and pulled him by his hand out of the bathroom and down the hall to my brother’s room quietly. I pushed him inside and onto the bed, closing the door behind me before getting down on my knees, pulling it out again and sucking on it again. In my head, all thoughts of the fact that my girlfriend was next door in my room were gone.

Jacob eventually pushed me up and stood up. He undid my belt buckle and pulled my jeans down and took a condom out of his wallet (this didn’t surprise me at the time at all). He fucked me and it hurt. A lot. But somehow I enjoyed it and was able to keep quiet.

The next two days were excruciating. I couldn’t sit without trying to hold back a wince. I tried to talk to Jacob about it considering he was clearly more experienced than me, but he never replied to my messages. I found out later it was because he deleted them so there was no evidence of our activities (I wanted to write affair but that sounded even more seedy, even though I guess that is what it was). This is where our sexual relationship began and it continued for the next three and half years, mostly in secret. No one else knew…well until I opened my mouth two years later.  

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