Mental Health The Many Forms of Self-Harm

The Many Forms of Self-Harm

TRIGGER WARNING FOR MENTAL HEALTH, SUICIDE AND SELF-HARM When self-harm is mentioned, you likely imagine someone cutting themselves. There are various reasons why someone might harm themselves, and we need to face up to the fact that we all need to do more. But to recognise when someone is hurting themselves can be difficult. There …

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Life as a Gay Love Saved Me

Love Saved Me

The two strongest emotions a human can feel are love and fear. Fear is potent that it can affect every aspect of our lives. We can spend each day in perpetual fear and not even realise it. Fear makes us do callous, uncaring actions that hurt those around us and all because we are scared …

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Mental Health Young Men Also Have Real Problems

Young Men Also Have Real Problems

Recently I found an article on the New Statesman website about the writer and psychologist, Jordan Peterson. Now putting aside the grotesquely shoddy nature of the hit piece and the fact that I have only recently become acquainted with Peterson, there was a line that boiled my blood. “But because he’s writing for sad young …

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Anxiety Family is Everything

Family is Everything

Family is strange. We each have one and in almost all media and modern stories spell the moral imperative of defending our family regardless of the opponent and yet the family is complicated. Family raises us and impacts us in ways that no one else can. People compare you to your parents or siblings and …

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LGBT The Tale Of The Gay Stoic

The Tale Of The Gay Stoic

I am gay. I am free. I am in love. The struggle was long, and the fight was hard, but freedom comes to us all in the end if we search for it. For me, it meant dealing with my sexuality, my identity, my anxiety and risk of suicide and my core belief in freedom …

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Sex The Misogyny of Sex

The Misogyny of Sex

Imagine a classroom, with red banners hanging over the windows and there are rows and rows of desks lined across the room. On one side sit the men and on the other sit the women, split 50/50 down the middle. At the front of the room, there is a desk and next to that a …

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Free Identity Remember Death – The Meaning Behind my Emblem

Remember Death – The Meaning Behind my Emblem

We each have symbols we use to define ourselves. Some of us use religious symbols such as a crucifix on a chain around your neck, or we wear clothing from our favourite sports teams to demonstrate our loyalty and allegiance. Not all of us even realise we are using those symbols to represent us. For …

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Coping Are You An Addict?

Are You An Addict?

Are you an addict? I ask you this because a year or so ago, I would have said no. Today, I would answer yes. So what changes and what could you not be realising about yourself? There is a saying: “The truth will set you free.” It could be timeless wisdom or a tired cliché, …

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Mental Health My Month of Mindfulness

My Month of Mindfulness

In January, a friend of mine bought me a gift. A Jar of Mindfulness. The jar came from developed by Sharon Jeffreys. Sharon is a commissioner of mental health and has developed this jar and other products to help folks with their mental health and general wellbeing. Mindfulness is proven to be one way …

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Friendship My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day

My perfect day is a simple day. It will be in the same room. The room I’ve dreamed about. With its minimalist grey walls, hard, oak stained wooden floors, fluffy grey rug covering a huge square space. There is a glass coffee table in the centre of the room surrounded by a huge L-shaped sofa …

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