My Heart Is Filled With Cold Rage

My Heart Is Filled With Cold Rage

Last night, a beautiful eight-year-old soul was stolen from this earth. A promising student of 18 was murdered before she ever had the chance to truly shine out in the World. Twenty-two lights were snuffed out last night in cowardly and unnecessary violence. More than fifty other innocent people were injured. What had they done to deserve this? Nothing. They had been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Remember them

Last night, these innocent people had left for a night of music and dancing and joy. They had attended Manchester Arena to see Ariana Grande perform her pop hits on stage. For many of them, she was their idol. She inspired them with her music and helped them cope with many of the issues they had in their young lives. Parents were there, probably not watching Ariana Grande, but watching their children and seeing the joy that this concert gave them. The tickets were bought for Christmas or birthday present. They were bought for those struggling with exams and work pressures to take a break and enjoy one glorious night in Manchester.Their smiles. Their screams of pure excitement. The fact they sang along to every song. The dances they performed to that same music.

The company I work that has a VIP Experience box at the Arena. Last night, we had staff members, customers and award winners in the box. All got out safe, but this morning, our work office was filled with fear, sadness, and anger. Many of us worried about those we could have lost. Many of us worried about those we could still lose with the continued tension and threat. I struggled to find words for the work I was required to do. I was not able to focus effectively because, for the first time, this sort of thing hit home. It was too close to home. It hit Manchester, but it reverberates around the local area.

The first two tragic souls named were from my City, Preston and the surrounding area. One went to a primary school in a village just outside Preston. The other was finishing her second year at Runshaw College.

British Heroes

Remember the joy that came before and remember, the heroism that came after. The act that occurred last night, like so many others seeks to divide us. We will not let it. I wish to pay tribute to the heroes of last night.

The British heroes that made me proud of my country. The taxi drivers who refused to take fares and

The taxi drivers who refused to take fares and traveled further than usually required to get people home. Remember the hotels, cafes and other venues that opened their door and provided safe spaces for those affected. Thank the same hotels who provided shelter for over 50 children throughout the next day allowing parents to find their children safely. Thank the heroes in our emergency services, especially those who arrive directly on the scene in minutes. But also the nurses and police and others who were off duty at the time and rushed back to work to help. Thank those people who offered strangers a place in their homes through the #RoominManchester in their time of need.

This is a time for British heroes and Manchester made us all proud.

We saw two sides of humanity last night. I happily stand with those who provide joy to children and help to those in need rather than those who simply seek to destroy and to kill. My heart is filled with cold rage at what happened. But, I will focus on the stories of those who helped. I will focus on the joy that music like Ariana Grande’s brings to millions of children around the world.

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