My Rage Wants Them All Dead

My Rage Wants Them All Dead

The murder of an innocent eight-year-old girl sets a raging fire within me. I want every Islamist extremist and their sympathisers lined up on their knees in front of me. I was to shove a cold steel barrel of a pistol into their mouths and hear them speak in vowels. Watch them stare up at me as I pull the trigger and prove to them that those virgins are not waiting for them. They had their one chance at life. These people spent it worshipping a death cult religion and stealing life from those who simply loved life. They are not worthy of life. They are the enemies of civilisation and I want them all dead.

Their soul aim is to destroy the places where we gather to enjoy music and song or attack the home of our democracy and take the lives of our brothers and sister, son and daughters and our friends. These people and their death cult religion despise the freedoms we cherish and the love we hold dear in our hearts. I want them dead. Every last one of them.

Kill the enemies of civilisation

I have no sympathy for these people. They are my enemy. These people stone women to death and enslave them. They throw gays of buildings and behead children in the street. They murder their fellow muslims who refuse to join their death cult. ISIS and other Islamist groups freely murder those of other faiths and those of no faiths at all. There is no reasoning with these people. They must be defeated and they must be destroyed.

We are British

But I don’t want this to change us. I don’t want this to make us lose who we are as a people and as a society. We are British and we are angry. We want revenge, but in our vengeance, we must seek justice. And we cannot lose our values and our principles that hold us higher than the barbarians at our gates. What comes next and our reaction to this barbarous act will determine our nature and our future.

Soldiers on our streets

Last night, the Government announced it was putting military personnel on the ground to aid the police in their efforts to combat an active terror cell. The very idea of soldiers on our streets terrifies me. It is a form of martial law. Soldiers are trained to fight wars and to kill. They are not meant to be deployed for the civilian work. That is what the police is for. Our police work on the assumption that they govern by consent. The consent of the people. The military has no such agreement with the people. The purpose of the army is to defend us in war.

It is an election period

The other scary part is that we are in the middle of a General Election Campaign. Soldiers being deployed during in an election to our streets is unprecedented and should be seen with caution. It is a symbol that we do not wish to be normalised. I do not want to become used to seeing armed soldiers on our streets. I want to always be shocked that they are there and that means they should be used sparingly. Therefore, no longer than is necessary.

Also, those deemed suspect in aiding this terrible crime or planning another act of terror should be taken alive to face a fair trial. Some say that the idea of giving these people a fair trial is weak and soft. They would have us shoot these people on sight. Truth be told, sometimes in my anger, I sympathise with that view. However, we are a liberal democracy and if we do not stick to our principles in the darkest of times, we do not deserve them when the light pierces that darkness.

Apparently, we should have done something beforehand

After every terrorist attack, it usually becomes known that the individual or individuals who carry out their cowardly acts are known to our security services. This is when you get the anger bubbling to the surface and is directed at the security services and police. How come they didn’t do anything beforehand?

I ask this question: what would you like them to have done?

No crime had been committed at that point. They were aware that these people, including the coward on Monday night, had extremist sympathies and was one to watch. But nothing more. Without a crime being committed, the issue we have is that these people THINK atrocious things. But that is all they do. They are thinking it and in this country, we should not arrest people for simply thinking something. The moment we stray away from that principle. we enter dark and murky waters.

But that is what is being called for. Katie Hopkin’s called for a final solution as her reaction to the attack. Others have suggested we close all the mosques. Others have called for mass deportations. Some have called for witch hunts throughout the communities. More have demanded incarceration of any Muslim with any extremist connection without charge. The moment we do any of these things, we have changed the very nature of our country. We have abandoned liberalism as a result of fear and anger. We have let these worshippers of death claim victory over our way of life.

So what do we do?

First, feel angry. Anger is healthy, especially in these situations. But do not let anger lead our response as a nation. As a nation, we have to hold our anger and carry on as before, for to do anything else is to surrender. They want to destroy us and we must not let them. We must destroy them. Physically by hitting them where they are hiding. Finding and arresting those who have committed a crime, are planning a terrorist attack or have carried one out. Put them on trial and show the world that we hold our values and our principles higher than we do our emotions. We are after all British.

But whilst we do that, the real fight is the battle of ideas and what we have to do is to wipe their ideology off the face of the earth. It is a hard and tough fight, but we can eradicate these ideas. It has to be done by taking them head on. Find those in the community who wish to reform Islam into a secular religion like Maajid Nawaz and others. This is a fight we can win. It is a fight we must win.

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