Labour Cannot Win Under A Far-Left Socialist Leader

Labour Cannot Win Under A Far-Left Socialist Leader

The Labour Party under any far-left socialist leader, not just Jeremy Corbyn cannot win an election in Great Britain. They will never gain enough seats to win a majority in the House of Commons. Why? The easy answer is their rhetoric.

The rhetoric used by far-left socialists destroys any message these people may have, which from what I can see isn’t much (boo-hoo blame the media). Their message and that of the current Labour Party is the Tories are evil (therefore Tory voters are either evil or stupid) and there is a horrible conspiracy by the rich and by business to screw everyone. I heard it on Question Time the other day. Rebecca Long-Bailey, a member of the shadow cabinet throughout the buzzwords of the day, which included small wealthy elite (since when did elite become an insult by the way? Must be around the same time as expert?).

In politics, each side has groups they feel comfortable attacking without mercy. On the Far-Right it is immigrants and poor people who struggle to find work for one reason or another. Now, this is agreed for the most part along the rest of the spectrum to be abhorrent and morally bankrupt. It is why the far-right get shunned by the majority so often in Britain. On the Far-Left it is attacking the rich and by some twisted notion these can lead anti-Semitismtism. That is down to the idiotic stereotype that has plagued one of the most oppressed people on the planet for generations.

Eat the rich!

The constant attacks on the rich and on business are great for the die-hard base who sing songs like “Eat the rich”. However, when it comes to the wider electorate and the public, those attacks and that rhetoric simply doesn’t wash.Truth be told they never target the rich. They target the successful. John McDonell, the Shadow Chancellor and avowed Marxists stated that those earning £70,000 a year in income are rich. Tell that to the folks living in London or with large families. My sister is not rich.

The top rate of taxable income targets those with £150,000 of income a year. I fully admit that these may sound like high amounts of money to those on the bottom rungs of the salary brackets. I’d be very happy to earn £150,000 per year and it does officially put you in the top 1% of earners. However, if you compare those people earning around £150,000 a year with the 0.1%, the income differences is even more staggering. Millionaires and billionaires are those who are rich. They have plenty of money to spare and they are the ones who make up 0.1%.

Pay their fair share!

Now let us discuss some statistics. Income tax is paid by 56% of the population currently in the country. So just over half of those living here pay income tax. Of that income tax, the top 1%, we hear so much derision about, pay a quarter. These people who are vilified and scorned as the faceless rich by Corbyn and the current Labour Party pay around 25% of all income tax. So when we hear these politicians on the Left say that the rich need to pay their fair share, think of that statistic.

With regards to business, who also gets vilified by the Far-Left including Corbyn and McDonell, close to 75% of all tax comes from businesses both large and small. The serious truth is that both the rich and business pays their fair share. Do some businesses avoid tax? Sure and measures should be put in place and enforced that stop that from happening. But that is policy. Labour has both a policy issue and a rhetoric issue.

New Labour won!

In the New Labour era, one of its architects, Peter Mandelson once said that he didn’t care if people got rich. Why did he say that? Becuase he knows what the majority of the British people think. Why should they care how other people make their money as long as it is legal and moral. It is after all their money. Why do people think that? This seems to boggle the minds of the Far-Left.

New Labour understood that to win an election in the UK, you need to persuade high-income voters to vote for you. You don’t do that by constantly targeting them for abuse and rhetoric. That rhetoric only pleases your base, which is tiny when you compare it to the wider electorate. The majority of the electorate understand two important things. Successful earners do not come close to the wealth of the 0.1% and therefore slandering them with the same brush is ridiculous. The second thing is that with ambition and opportunity and a certain level of skill anyone could earn those levels of success. That means they understand that as long as a person follows the law both legal and their own moral ones and pays their taxes, it is a private affair how he earns that money.

If you ever want to win

If Labour ever truly wishes to win again, don’t attack those who have simply earned more money than most others. Now, if you want to make a difference to those at the bottom who are suffering in most often cases needlessly, you don’t do it by attacking the top. a crumbling mountain falls hardest on those at the bottom. Forget the rhetoric about the wealthy elites and the rich and big business and instead find a new message. Focus that message on building the bottom level of society upwards.

When it comes to discussing millionaires and billionaires, express the view that they do pay their fair share, because as you have seen from the stats, they do. But also point out the obvious. These people have more spare money than the majority of the rest of us. We don’t need to cut taxes. In fact, we probably don’t need to raise the current ones. What we need to think about are more tax brackets that proportionally affect those by the amount of wealth they have because they can afford to pay more of a share. Government is a partnership. For Labour to win power, it needs to persuade those that government will work with them rather than crush them, which from the current rhetoric isn’t working.

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