Put As Much Effort In As You Can Muster

Put As Much Effort In As You Can Muster

Today, I walked into The Range store, looking for cardboard boxes because I am planning on clearing my bedroom and office of clutter. I walk up to a shop assistant and ask if they sell any. Her response was rather short: “We used to.”

Now you may say that this is all she needed to say. I disagree. That single statement was helpful in that I discovered that The Range no longer sold cardboard boxes. It was not helpful beyond that. She did not inform me that there were fabric or plastic boxes available. She didn’t try and discover what I needed boxes for or offer any sort of assistance at all beyond informing me that they didn’t sell cardboard boxes.

Someone back in the office argued with me that she didn’t need to put any more effort in that what she could muster in that answer. She wasn’t paid to be a sale person who received a commission for the items they sold. Why should she bother putting more than the required effort to help a customer?

Effort is its own reward

I once worked in retail, in a Spar shop in Preston. I hated it. This was down to me not standing the pressure of dealing with irritating customers, area management who could never be satisfied and lazy supervisors. The only people I could stand were a few fellow assistants and my managers. I was paid minimum wage, but not living wage.

Did this mean I refused to put the effort in beyond what may be expected? No. I tried to work hard every time I did a shift. I tried to help every customer to the best of my ability. Did I fail at times? Of course, I did. I had off days. I am only human.

The truth is that we should always attempt to put all the effort we can truly muster rather than what we just muster to do the job required. You may hate your job, but whilst you are in it, you must do the best you possibly can. Why?

Not for the company in which you despise. No, you must do it for yourself. For the knowledge that you have done a good day’s hard work to the best ability that you could. Any less than that is a waste of your time and a disrespect to both the customers you serve and the colleagues you work with.

Laziness is a disease

I have worked with the laziest of folks and I have had to do their work and my own to make up for them. Did I complain? Yes. Did I get on with it and do it anyway? Yes. Why? Because the job needed doing and I could do it, so I did.

If you have a job or any role, focus on putting the best effort you can into it. There will be the occasional day where you just don’t feel as productive as you should. But, otherwise, do the job the best you can. You will feel worth it in the end.

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