You Don’t Know What A Person Is Thinking

You Don’t Know What A Person Is Thinking

When someone commits suicide such as someone famous, you hear a lot of people say that it doesn’t matter how good someone’s life might appear, you don’t know what’s happening inside their mind.

It’s true, you don’t know but you can find out. There is a high chance someone in your life will at some point struggle with mental illness. Some might even consider suicide.

The way you can help them is by making it clear you are open to listening. Listening is the key.

Discussing what is going on inside our minds, especially with the stigma surrounding mental health is hard. You can make it easier for us.

1. Judgement is deadly

First, learn to not be judgemental. If you are making remarks about people jumping in front of trains as selfish or calling people attention seekers, then we aren’t going to feel very comfortable opening up to you.

2. Give us time

Second is don’t badger us to open up. If we make the first step and hint we may want to discuss our mental health issues, let us do it in our own time.

Don’t keep telling us that you’re there to talk every time you see something we might say or post or listen to. We could be working through something ourselves and you constantly telling us you’re here if we need you or to please tell you if something’s wrong just makes us feel obligated therefore piling more pressure on. If we want to discuss it and we know you are willing, we will come to you in our own time.

3. Don’t compete

Third please don’t try to one up us. Mental health is not a competition. If we open up to you, don’t come back at us with how you’ve had four breakdowns and twenty years depression as if that’s an achievement.

I don’t want a competition of pain. I want a friend to help me understand and who understands me. This also goes for if we come to you, don’t turn it into it being all about you. Ego has no place. We just want to know we aren’t alone.

4. Don’t treat us differently

Finally, don’t treat us differently. We aren’t a precious thing to be dropped. We are human beings dealing with serious issues. Don’t exile us by treating us differently. Just be aware that we may need space or a time out or a random chat once in a while.

You can help us if you are open to listening. Be that person we trust and you may save our life.

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