The Guy On The Bus

The Guy On The Bus

Originally written November 2015 and found in a folder on my laptop

Let me describe where I am right now… I am sat in an empty Morrison’s café at 8:30 AM. I don’t start work until 10 and normally I would have taken the later bus of 8:55 instead of the 7:40 I have taken today. There are a few different reasons why I haven’t taken that later bus. But let’s stick with the main reason.

A guy. A guy I know for a genuine fact will cause me drama in life just because of who he is. I had a friend once called… let’s call him Jamie. I met Jamie on St Patrick’s Day and a few years ago and out of apparent sympathy, he made out of me before leaving. We later became good friends and he helped me come out of the closet. I also really wanted to fuck him… well at the time anyway.

Last year Jamie told me he was hooked up with an old friend of his… let’s call him Carl. Jamie started dating Carl and they eventually became a couple and moved in together and Jamie was telling me how happy he was. Then after about eight months of being together, they broke up (it slips my mind who ended it) and Jamie admitted that he had in fact been cheating on Carl every weekend with his ex-boyfriend Dan (Dan apparently had no idea Jamie was in a relationship either).

Fast forward a few months and I spot a guy who looks very familiar on Grindr so I send him a message asking why he looked so familiar. It turned out to be Carl (I had met the guy once with Jamie) and we had a little backwards and forwards chat that didn’t and wasn’t going to go anywhere. And I quickly forgot about it.

Drama unfurled

About two weeks later I get a text from Jamie accusing me of going after his ex-boyfriend and having no morals. I shot back that he couldn’t exactly lecture me on morality after he cheated on Carl with his ex-boyfriend. I had also found myself a boyfriend since talking to Carl so I definitely was going after him.

Anyway fast forward to the present and the prophecy made by Jamie has strangely come full circle. Being single after my ex ended it by text message, I just back into the single life of dating apps such as Grindr, Tinder and Badoo.

I opened Badoo and discovered a reply from Carl to a message I had sent almost 9 months before. I replied and again we got chatting, except this time things seemed to be different. Safe to say, I am no longer friends with Jamie and he has also stopped talking to Carl. This meant we were free to talk like friends. Except we didn’t. Or should I say I didn’t? I by my natural nature, flirted with him because he had a gorgeous hair, beautiful jawline and intense eyes. I hadn’t really noticed any of these things before, but I guess that’s because I wasn’t free to think those things about a friend’s boyfriend and then ex.

But now all restrictions were off

I and Carl catch the same bus although we have never seen each other because we catch it at different times. We’ve joked through our conversations over text that we’ll have to get the same bus at some time. Although I eventually said I couldn’t wait that long to see him so I asked if we could go on a date. He said yes and we organised it for Wednesday but he had to reorganise for the following Friday (today).

However, there has been a change in plan with my work so I have been catching the 7:40 bus for the past two days and guess who else has been catching the same bus. So actually we have managed to see each other on the bus like we joke but we also have out date tonight.

I write this down and post it here because it shows how random life really is and how things can simply just come together in a rather fun, joyful way.

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