People Do Not Understand How Much I Despise Religion

People Do Not Understand How Much I Despise Religion

I disagreed with my boyfriend the other night. It wasn’t significant, but it was important. It will likely turn into something more serious when we reach the actual moment of decision. We were at a party on New Year’s Eve, and he commented (I forget the context) on our future children being baptised. I was obviously raised Catholic, and his family is lapse Anglicans. My immediate reaction was to say that my children were never being baptised.

He looked at me incredulously and said they were. I shot back that they weren’t and this went back and forth for a little bit to the amusement of my best friends.

For my partner, he doesn’t see the harm of baptising a child as it opens the doors for us sending our child to a good faith school in the area when they come of age. Surprisingly this is a prevalent reason for people to get their children baptised rather than their own religious beliefs. He also told me I would have to explain it to his mother why her grandchildren were not being baptised.

Religion is my enemy

For me, it goes much deeper. I despise all forms of religion, and I want my children to have nothing to do with it until they are old enough to make a choice for themselves. I refuse to put a label on them that allows religious groups to claim them as their own and gives them access to my child. Especially when I will be teaching them that religion and religious thought is nonsense and dangerous.

This idea that I, a staunch anti-theist would have his children baptised comes back to the idea that I should respect the religious views of others. Many of those who know me are still surprised by my level of loathing I have for all things religion. Whenever it comes up as a topic of conversation, I enter combative argument mode where I tense up, become stone-faced and cold in my responses.

I despise religion because it almost killed me. When I was seventeen, it was a significant factor in driving me to consider suicide for the second time. I loathe it due to the depression and anxiety is fostered in my mind surrounding my sexuality. I hate it because of its continued assault on my rights and much of what I believe in.

Respect religion?

And I am told to respect other people’s religious beliefs. I will appreciate religious belief when religion in the main doesn’t oppose LGBT rights, not just in the UK, but across the globe. When I am free to travel the entire world without worrying about the laws in those countries discriminating against me or the religious in certain places wishing me imprisoned tortured and killed, then I will stop hating religion.

If Catholic Church and other religious institutions and individuals quit implying my sexuality makes me a threat to my nephew, niece and other children or that making love to my boyfriend is a sin and therefore wrong, I’ll stop hating religion.

When LGBT folks are not scared to come out and be themselves because of their family and community’s religious beliefs, therefore not developing anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, then I’ll stop hating religion.

When it stops teaching absolute morality that oppresses women, LGBT and other minorities that has no basis in a secular, freethinking, liberal society, then I will end despising religion. I could go on for an entire book and beyond. I might even do that one day.

All religion is wrong

Religion has done so much damage to me personally and the world and continues to ravage the world and humanity still today. I don’t understand why I should have to allow my children to be baptised into any form of religion. My children will never be baptised unless they choose to do so when they are old enough to decide for themselves.

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