I Offer No Mercy

I Offer No Mercy

The other day I wrote a blog that concluded that a theist’s relationship with their God is a celestial form of domestic abuse. It ticked many of the signs we see in an abusive relationship. However, once I wrote it, I stepped back and considered that it may have crossed the line and been too harsh. It is why I only published it today and not three days ago. But why did I still publish it?

I picked up a book that my Christian friend had lent me. Grill A Christian by Roger Carswell. I have read many different books on Christianity over the years and as I have done with many other books before, I read the passage on homosexuality.And do you know what my reaction to that passage was and has been on the multiple occasions in the past?

Grill a Christian

Fuck you!

Fuck you and your bullshit religious sensitivity. I constantly hear how I should respect the religious beliefs of others, whilst they show zero respect for me and who I am. If your relationship with a psychotic tyrant in heaven makes you have these opinions as laid down in these books about homosexuals and homosexuality, then I feel free to say you are in an abusive relationship of your own choosing.

Text about homosexuality from Grill a Christian 

The constant ill-informed, ignorant lies you people put out about people like me and therefore including me removes you from any sympathy I may have or ever will hold for you. You have surrendered your minds from evidence to dogma. You have allowed bigotry to seep into your hearts through your devotion to faith. And what is worse is that you try and dress it up as love.

It is not love

You claim to love all sinners and that we all sin. Except it is not love you espouse. I’d say it is pity and contempt at least masquerading as love. I hear the words hate the sin but love the sinner. Well, my actions make me who I am so if you hate my actions you hate me. You feel this need to save us from the oppression of shame for our so-called “lifestyle.”

The only shame I hold currently is that I every listened to the words of my Christian teachers, priest, and family on the matter of my sexuality. The fact that you people believe homosexuality brings about long-term shame, guilt and unhappiness is laughable. If any shame or guilt exists, it is not because we are gay or lesbian or trans or bi. All shame stems from religion. It stems from people like you.

If religion hadn’t taught that homosexuality was a sin for centuries, none of these issues that face the LGBT community today would exist. I would be able to love the men I have loved in peace with fear or anxiety. But as long as people like you are around, spouting your homosexuality is a sin, it is a lifestyle, it is a choice and it results in long-term unhappiness, that peace for those who are LGBT will never arrive. You and your beliefs cause the unhappiness that exists in our world.

My fight

This means my fight with you people and your beliefs will never end. I was once asked if I would like to see religion and faith removed from the Earth. At the time I said no. I can’t recall my reason, but it matters no longer because I have changed my mind. If I had the power to persuade every single person on this earth to give up on religion and faith through argument, debate, and conversation, I would take that chance in a heartbeat. If I had the last true believer stood in front of me and I could persuade him to become an independent thinker, free of religion, I would do just that. In fact, it would be one of the happiest moments of my life.

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