On the Abigail Hostel's wall in Dublin

The Dublin Dispatches – Day Four

Day four was Wednesday, and it became apparent I was running out of activities to do. Dublin is a compact city, and everything is within 10 minutes walking distance of everything else.

Before I came away to Dublin, I decided I’d purchase a book from everywhere I travel in the future, and with Dublin being my first location, I went book hunting. One of my favourite aspects of Dublin is that it isn’t short of bookshops. It does love its literary history after all.

Time to buy books

I walked into the Easom on O’Connell Street and browsed the Irish fiction and history shelves. When in Ireland, celebrate the Irish as it were. I settled on two books surrounding my favourite figure of the Irish war of Independence, Michael Collins. One is a fictional novel called The 13th Disciple, and the other is a biography of the Big Fella himself.

After completing that, I thought I might as well carry on the trend and went gift shopping. I had a few different people to buy for, including my parents, my closest auntie (complicated family), my best friends and my boyfriend.

So, I may have gone overboard, but Dublin makes it easy with all the Irish themed souvenir shops everywhere. Having found perfect items for all my folks back home, I will not estimate how much I spent, but it was all worth it. I regret nothing.

BBQ Error

However, I did make one error. Earlier in the week, I’d purchase Guinness BBQ source to take back for my best friend. Only when I returned to my hostel, that I realised I couldn’t make it back in its current form. It was in a 330mg bottle and wouldn’t go through security at the airport. All I can say is thank the earth for Boots. I spotted one on this Wednesday and purchased three bottles, filling to 100ml each. I filled two and a half with the BBQ sauce ready to go back to England in my bag.

Then I watched my final film of the trip on Wednesday. Heading to the IFI, I chose to watch the British film, God’s Own Country. I am loath to say it was a gay film. It was a romantic drama with a coming of age, coming out and same-sex romance at the heart of it. It was another superb film.

After the film, I returned to the hostel and relaxed, watching whatever on Netflix. I had only a few places left, and they were all within walking distance of each other and could wait until the following day.

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