The Dublin Dispatches – Day Five

The day before I flew home, I chose to attempt the National Library and museum again, having discovered they were closed on Monday. All week I was excited for the Library visit, to walk through its shelves and run my fingers along the books before choosing a great tome to study, even if for just a short while.

Boy, was I disappointed? As a visitor, you enter the library and place your bag into a locker opened and closed by a pin number that you set yourself. This is entirely unnecessary, and you aren’t in the building long enough for anything to be stolen.

You cannot enter the library with regards to the actual books stored there. You know, the entire point of a library. No, instead, you walk up a circular flight of stairs and enter the reading room. It is a remarkably beautiful place, but I can’t show you in because photography wasn’t allowed. You stood behind a cordon because you couldn’t walk around the reading room and there was nowhere else in the library you could go. I was in and out in less than five minutes. On my way out there were other visitors visibly disappointed also.

Next, I visited the National Museum, which is next door. My parents had warned me that despite it being a National Museum for the history of Ireland, there wasn’t much in a way about the British rule in Ireland, which was present for more than half a millennia. I didn’t see much, so unless me and my parents are blind in our two separate visits, then the Museum, while interesting, didn’t spark any excitement in me.

It is safe to admit that the Library and the Museum were profoundly disappointing.

The Dublin Compliment

That left the last remaining place I wanted to visit. The Four Courts. The buildings house the four law courts of Ireland. It was one of the first locations of battle in the Irish Civil War. If I could compliment Dublin on just one thing, it would be the beauty of its architecture. It is a unique city where the historic buildings stand in their magnificence.

I took one final wander around the city, slipping down random streets with a hope of getting lost until I returned to my hostel.

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