Friendship My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day

My perfect day is a simple day. It will be in the same room. The room I’ve dreamed about. With its minimalist grey walls, hard, oak stained wooden floors, fluffy grey rug covering a huge square space. There is a glass coffee table in the centre of the room surrounded by a huge L-shaped sofa …

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Sex Imagine Sex Differently – I Do

Imagine Sex Differently – I Do

Sex fascinates us. It makes us horny, excited, nervous and creative. We want to talk about it, hear gossip about it, watch it, but society deems it semi-taboo, resulting in plenty of innuendoes, secrecy and mistakes. Sex is one of the keys that bind us together. It creates families, builds relationships and consummates marriages. It …

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Love What Falling In Love Is Really Like

What Falling In Love Is Really Like

Falling in Love…. it is the most important thing in all our human experiences. It defines everything we do in our lives, whether we realise it or not. Over the Christmas break, I watched a film called Collateral Beauty. It discusses the three abstractions that define our lives: Death, Time and Love. For many years …

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