About The Mec Journal

About The Mec Journal

Welcome to The Mec Journal

My name is Matthew Metcalf and I am your host for your visit to my site. Here, you will hear my thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics including religion, atheism, and the state of our modern democracy, plus many other issues that I am passionate about.

To tell you a little about myself, I will start with the obvious. I am a writer with an opinion. Some of the words and phrases used to describe are opinionated, controversial, talkative, honest, blunt, “God, you talk too much!” and my personal favourite of “Shut the **** up, you talk so much ****”.

It is safe to say my opinions have got me into a little trouble. So I decided to put them here online in The Mec Journal. The secret of the name dates back to when I was ten and my childhood nickname was born. Well stolen from my brother, but still. The Mec Journal is the story of Meccy, which is the story of me.

If I could sum myself up for you in one sentence it would go like this.

I am a liberal homo with a penchant for pens and swords, who loves liberty, despises tyranny and dreams of libraries.

Some of what I am

  • A Writer
  • A Homo
  • An Anti-Theist
  • Liberal
  • Secularist
  • Troublemaker
  • All round sarcastic offender of anyone and everyone

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