Hello there and welcome

I am Matthew Metcalf and I am a writer and counsellor in training. I am 27 years old, grew up in Preston and went to university in Liverpool. After returning to Preston, I worked in digital marketing as a content writer and strategist for a few years. After a series of mistakes and failures, I decided to start again. I now study person-centred counselling on a Level 4 Diploma.

A photo of me

I originally created this blog in 2015 to explore my thoughts on whatever topic entered my head that week. However, since 2020, I want to shift its focus for more clarity. Instead of the ramblings of a random guy, I aim to create a space where I can share my development as a person.

Most of what I have written and will write in the future will first and foremost be for myself. I’ll explore how I see the world around me for each of us see our unique reality through our experiences and perceptions.

You may agree with me or totally disagree with me. You may learn something from my writing or you might conclude I’m a raving idiot. My aim is simply to create a space where ideas can be explored and discussed.

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