About The Mec Journal

About The Mec Journal

Che Guevara once said: “I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves.”

I am liberated and wish to inspire others to liberate themselves from their oppressors so that all can be free.

For freedom is the right of all humanity

My name is Matthew ‘Mec’ Metcalf, and I am a liberated, homo, ENTP, stoic atheist writer with an opinion to spout. Liberty is the goal that binds a worthy life together. Therefore, I wish to aid others to liberate themselves from the whose and what’s that oppress them, one word at a time.

Are you someone who believes in truth, Liberty and love? Because I am. Inspired by the ancient Stoics and their contemporary descendants, I believe Libertas or liberty comes from finding Veritas (Truth) and Amor (love), for, without truth or love, you cannot be liberated.

Freedom from religion

Have you ever suffered under the shackles of religion and wished yourself free of its tyranny? As a homo, anti-theist, I battled to escape the tyranny of religion and the adverse effects it has on millions around the world. Everyone deserved to be liberated from the cruelties of religion, superstition and bigotry of society by discovering the values of the enlightenment. A world where we can trust in free thought and our ability to find out, investigate, question and test according to repeatable, reliable evidence and determine that to be the truth rather than the lies of faith.

Freedom of thought & speech

Do you believe that thought is free and that speech should be liberated? As an ENTP writer who loves to imagine and debate and I deem the freedom of thought, speech and expression to be fundamental to society and it demands constant defence. As they say: “I don’t agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

Freedom from death

And to death, we must all end our journey, so why fear such an end. Memento Mori. Know your end is coming, accept it and find liberation with a focus on life. A stoic does not fear death but loves life, and I wish to help others realise that truth. It liberates us to live our lives how we want, rather than fearing what will happen once we die.

Freedom of mind

1 in 4 of us reportedly suffers from mental health issues at some time in our lives. The number is likely higher with the unreported cases. If you have ever been oppressed by the devil within your mind, I wish to help you. As an anxiety-riddled homo, I know that lies infect every aspect of our lives and who we are. Anxiety attempts to turn all you see into enemies. Finding your Veritas is the most important choice you can make in your life. My journey to my truth was a battle, but I was victorious, and others deserve that same victory.

That is why I founded The Mec Journal and is why our motto is De Oppresso Liber or “To free the oppressed”. Through these words, we hope you will find the strength to be free.

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