Uncategorised My Immigration Policy

My Immigration Policy

With the EU referendum, we have heard copious amounts of talk about immigration, mass immigration, uncontrolled immigration, point systems for immigration from a variety of other countries around the World like Australia and Canada. I will be honest and say that immigration is not one of the big topics that concerns me really. However with …

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Uncategorised Why Coming Out Stories Matter

Why Coming Out Stories Matter

This Saturday, on my birthday, my novella, The Faggot Journal will be published. The novella is a fictional retelling of my coming out. I have told similar versions of this story already on this blog, but with different twists like ¬†how the realisation of my sexuality occurred¬†and how that affected my relationship with religion. This …

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Uncategorised My Life Lessons

My Life Lessons

Everyone goes through life in their own way and there will be people with different life lessons to me. However I have gone though life in my way and I have come to few conclusions on how people should go about their lives. Here are just a few. Don’t give a fuck what others say …

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