Archive Why I think We Will Win!

Why I think We Will Win!

After the massacres in Paris, we have seen many different responses and I find myself disagreeing with some and despising others for their ignorant and appealing nature. However there are those that gladden my heart and do restore my faith that there is some good in this world. The reaction that caused bile to rise …

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Archive #Terrorismhasnoreligion – But These Terrorists Do!

#Terrorismhasnoreligion – But These Terrorists Do!

Last Friday night, Paris was subjected to multiple terrorist attacks, including shootings and suicide bombings that left over 120¬†people dead. There have been credible sources claiming it to be the work of ISIS. Therefore meaning another I¬†terrorist attack. And now we watch the people take one of two sides, as they do every time this …

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Archive Doctor Who Nails War To The Wall

Doctor Who Nails War To The Wall

I am not a pacifist. There are some wars that need to be fought for the greater good. But there are many wars, fought far too often that don’t. There is always potentially a new war around the next political corner and as a nation we try to decide whether it is right to intervene …

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