Each of us has a few things in common. We are born and we die. In the middle between the beginning and the ending is a life that is unique to us. These three aspects are the only certainties we will have during our singular existence on this planet. After that, we are just making it up as we go along.

We have the knowledge of those who have gone before and advice from those following the paths parallel to us, but we are all trying to find our way through the battlefield that is life. Here on The Mec Journal, you can join me as a fellow traveller as I explore my experiences in the world and how I am learning to become a more empathetically, authentic person.

We live in a time that demands much from each of us and yet to live an authentic life, we must each find time for ourselves. Travel with me through the ideas of the existentialists and the stoics and other amazing thinkers to discover a life that is truly authentic to you as an individual.

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